Team Creative Day Care Center

Helping the working Mom's of Mooiplaats

The daycare operates in the informal settlement called Mooiplaats or Spruit.

It serves ±65 children, ages 2 to 6yrs old;

SMILE provides training material to the ladies of the community working at the daycare, which ensures that caretakers use a curriculum provided by Smile.

The curriculum address development in various ways:

  • art time – theme of the week and art projects;
  • gross motor development stations;
  • water play;
  • musical instruments;
  • music and movement
  • and more.


SMILE contributes towards the following to help sustain the day care:

  • Food, 
  • snack,
  • cleaning detergents, 
  • buildings and furniture + maintenance;
  • Training: Early Childhood Development, first aid,fire fighting, etc.
  • Toilets (portable since no municipal services are rendered)

Monthly contributions by various donors aids families who struggle with school fees as well as where more than one child attends the daycare.