Doves Nest

Helping children find sanctuary

The Doves Nest Place of Safety has been in existence for many years in Centurion which serves as a safe place for abandoned babies and abused toddlers to be housed while necessary legal matters are processed.

SMILE decided this would be a great place to strengthen the hands of the housemother with volunteer assistance.  Our volunteers engage with 6 children who have been placed in long term foster care at Dove Nest.

Volunteers at Doves Nest started in 2009 with their visits . It was so heart-warming to know how much of love volunteers to could give to children who have been abandoned, neglected and rejected.  Saturday morning visits became a craft morning with so much to chat about while doing some art together.  This time really helps the children to process change and what they are currently facing. Within a few years most of the children are now teenagers who want to have deep conversations on diverse topics.

We see volunteering at Doves Nest as an opportunity to sow seeds of education and empowerment to live life with confidence, knowing they are loved.